02.02.2014 | Winner of the Silver SPIFFY Award | Spokane International Film Festival

06.14.2013 | “It was both entertaining, as it was educational… it is a must watch pot documentary for not just every stoner, but perhaps for everyone who cares about his fellow human being.” Review of “Evergreen” | The Stoned Society

06.12.2013 | Why the Sasquatch music festival and SIFF make ideal cultural companions | Indiewire

06.11.2013 | “A fascinating, extraordinarily well-researched and executed doc… How the law was constructed, why it succeeded in passing, what loopholes still exist that could potentially continue discriminatory law enforcement practices — it’s all laid out digestibly and compellingly by Morton and his team.” Review of “Evergreen” | Filmmaker Magazine

06.11.2013 | “An efficient, very watchable play-by-play doc about the state’s historic pro-pot Initiative 502.” Review of “Evergreen” | The Sun Break

06.07.2013 | “Journalistic objectivity enables the movie to illustrate a fascinating truism about human behavior: People on opposite sides of an issue often favor the all-or-nothing hardline over true compromise.” Review of “Evergreen” | CityArts

06.07.2013 | “Marijuana Legalization Doc ‘Evergreen’ Lights Up Seattle Crowd. A prologue to the next chapters of marijuana legislation… setting the stage for the discussion of federal legalization… captures a crucial moment in the future of marijuana activism…” Review of “Evergreen” | Indiewire

06.06.2013 | “3 out of 4 stars. It’s at its best when it’s creating a dialogue between supporters and opponents, calling special attention to the thoughtful reasoning behind the opposition.” Review of “Evergreen” | The Seattle Times

06.06.2013 | “An important document for students of political history to see how a successful campaign is won, and how it’s lost… It’s a useful companion to DA Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus’ The War Room…“ Review of “Evergreen” | Another Rainy Saturday

06.06.2013 | “Final Grade: B+. It’s a good movie, and if you are interested in how I-502 might shape up, you should give it a try.” Review of “Evergreen” | The MacGuffin

06.06.2013 | With one new film, SIFF goes to pot | KING 5 News

06.04.2013 | “Evergreen offers an important boots-on-the-ground perspective… The personalities and rhetoric are colorful and the film’s presentation is lively…” Review of “Evergreen” | The Hollywood Reporter

06.04.2013 | “Interesting and entertaining…” Review of “Evergreen” | JayFlix

06.04.2013 | “Amusing… revealing…” Review of “Evergreen” | The Seattle P-I

05.12.2013 | 3 SIFF documentaries tell Northwest stories | The Seattle Times

05.03.2013 | “Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington” ticket listing |


05.03.2013 EVERGREEN PRESS RELEASE – “Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington” set to World Premiere at SIFF

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03.30.2013Trailer released for “Evergreen” | @SeattleFilm

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02.16.2013“Evergreen” producers talk impact of I-502 legalizing pot | KOMO News Radio

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02.07.2013EVERGREEN PRESS RELEASE – New trailer shows battle behind marijuana legalization in Washington

02.01.2013“Evergreen” featured in UK DrugScope DrugLink Magazine

01.30.2013“Evergreen” producers talk legal pot on The Men’s Room | KISW 99.9FM

01.24.2013EVERGREEN E-Newsletter | Cannabis Reform Education | Issue 1301

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01.03.2013 | “Evergreen” film to examine I-502 legalizing marijuana in Washington State | Cannabis Culture Magazine

11.06.2012 | Seattle documentary crew chasing marijuana legalization, pro and con | The Seattle Times


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